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Home Sweet House!

Mélissa2014 Blog
Home Sweet House!

So needless to say we got a house!!!

After 30 days of hunting, our first experience with the cursed Craftsman, and a grueling 25 day close (!) we ended up with another 100 yr old beauty-- a ways away in a part of town we weren't even looking at at first :).

In the last 4 months since moving in we've accomplished quite a few projects:

  • Dog Room
  • Doggie Sandbox
  • Security System
  • Picket Fence & Gate
  • Front Yard Rose Garden
  • Herb Garden
  • Patio & BBQ Setup
  • Shutters
  • Cat Room & Ledges

We also learned a lot about the loan process, bills, and budgeting. Despite all this we are far from finished ! We still have those last few items to unpack (maybe before the new year?) and will eventually need to get some new furniture (maybe in 2 years :P?).  In the meantime we'll add some posts about each of our projects and give you our lessons learned from the House Hunting process now that we've had a few months to get over it!

The picture above is our home pre- fence & front yard update!