New Zip Code, New Category ....

New Zip Code, New Category ....

It's all about HP -- Highland Park that this... If you haven't noticed already we've added a new sub-category under L.A. Life dedicated to all things Highland Park.

HP, our neighborhood, is what we like to call "Williamsburg before it became Williamsburg" to our NY friends-- an ultra happening hipster mecca of sorts that still has the best burritos is LA and little old ladies screaming "Tammallleee!!" on Sunday mornings.  It's where you'll find a beautiful 100yr old craftsman, the .99cents store, Food TruckTuesdays, organic almond milk delivery, and the most depressing Starbucks in the country all on the same street. It's where we live.

Here's some more HP fun-ness to check out until our next post:

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