#EATS: Modan Ramen

#EATS: Modan Ramen

We're bringing back our #EATS food reviews! Every week we'll be bringing you another review from the LA area (or wherever we happen to be at the time).

This week we hit up Modan Ramen. It wasn't our first visit, but boy were we happy we stopped by this place again! 

LOCATION: 1757 Colorado Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90041

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS:  LOVE! It's now our favorite round-the-way Ramen Shop. Not only is the food on point but the service is Stellar. Their decor is fun too! 

WHAT WE ATE: Spicy Ramen x2 (Melissa added the "sizzling" option for extra spice), Side Salad, &  Pork Belly Tacos!

In the past we've tried the Spicy Kimchi Ramen & Black Ramen and weren't as impressed -- we didn't pay too much attention to the toppings which was a mistake. The "Sizzling" (roasted garlic, onions, & jalapenos) and the Black Garlic Truffle Oil are to die for! The Brussel Sprouts also looked amazing! 

WHAT WE RECOMMEND:  Get the Spicy Ramen (Or the Modan Ramen- same broth, no spice) and don't skimp on the toppings & add ons! If you want some greens the side salad is a deal at 3.50 (it's enough for 2!) and it has the best dressing + squash chips. 

You can find Modan Ramen on YELP