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Brazil & Argentina!

KevinAMBW, BWAM, travel, 2014 Blog
Brazil & Argentina!

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS: It was an amazing trip, but oddly we have no real desire to go back.  We met a lot of awesome people and had great food in Argentina, but Brazil was a bit of a let down... maybe we should try again when Carnival is not in full force??

For more details check out our pics and the trip summary below!


Buenos Aires. Iguassu. Paratay. Ilha Grande. Rio


  • Argentina Steak & Tango
  • Participating in the Carnival Parade with Mangueira in the Sambadrome
  • Meeting some awesome people from Australia and England
  • Caipirinhas!


M: The boat in Paraty! We ate fresh fish, danced, and sang with an awesome Brazilian dude who used to live in LA!

K: Sitting in the Sambadrome and watching the parade.  It was amazing... nothing like seeing the real thing in person.


M: Caipirinhas of course! And the Feijoada we had at the ex-slave village!! It reminded me of home cooked Jamaican stew peas...

K: Acai... I'm big into exotic fruits and I had an Acai every morning while I was there.


M: Swimming to shore with Kevin (who can't swim) on my back!

K: Eating Acai :)


M: Drunk people peeing in the streets of Rio & My bat bathroom experience (though I'd found a safe spot to go only to find it was a bat cave!)

K: Drunk people peeing on the street and all the mosquito bites that I got.